Not just this, if would send a message to your near and dear ones if you met with an accident.

The USD159 (Rs 9,500) Skylock connects to a smart phone app via Bluetooth so owners can keep an eye on their bike wherever they are.

A built-in accelerometer can detect if the lock is being tampered with.

It then sends an alert to the company and the bike's owner via app."Similarly, if the owner has an accident on their bike or if they are hit by a car, the app sends a crash alert to friends and family about the incident," said its developers Jack Al-Kahwati and Gerardo Barroeta from San Francisco-based Velo Labs.

Solar panels on the base of the lock keep the sensors activated. An hour of sunlight provides enough energy to run the lock for a week.

It can also be charged via USB and a fully charged battery should run for a month, as per the report.

Skylock owners can share the lock's pass code with other riders - and set a time limit on their access.