The computerized clothing consists of hexagon-shaped modules that will be able to heat up and vibrate including conductive copper taffeta placed on the top. Modules will take form of a chain and the sub modules will be controlled by a master module to control heating and vibration which will be connected to the smartphone app via Bluetooth.  

You can switch on and switch off one of these modules as per your comfort, the customizable modules can be arranged according to your preference. The automatic scarf is nothing new in the market but what makes this product exclusive is that it will not be loaded with bulky batteries, it will run on conductive copper.

Reportedly, Swarm can be used for healing major disorders like autism, hearing impairments, or visual disabilities. As the technology progresses, researchers might come up with an idea that will enable stress detection and heal it with providing a therapy.

A paper on the device was presented by researchers at Stanford University’s Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction on Sunday.