Everyday 100s of millions of people switch their phone to silent mode when they go into meetings or conferences or classes or just to have a quite time.
What is even more worrying for the phone holders is what if they miss a very important emergency call when the phone is in silent mode.

Even worse is the time when we forget to switch back from silent mode even after the meeting is over and many hours pass by with so many missed calls.
Now with Smart Silent App, we no longer have to worry about any of these.
When we put our phones in silent mode, we can also set the time. Once the time is up, our phone will automatically switch back & we will start receiving calls again.

The best part of Smart Silent is that when our phone is in silent mode, the app will automatically send SMS Text messages to callers saying that our phone is in Silent Mode, so they will no longer mistake us.

What’s even more reassuring is that, if any one replies to the automatic text SMS saying URGENT, it will immediately alert us. So we can now be at peace that we are not missing any emergency calls when the phone is in silent.

The all new android app can be downloaded from www.SmartSilent.in