New York: A new smartphone app has landed itself in controversy for endorsing domestic violence.

The game allows players to hit, strangle and electrocute their virtual boyfriends if they slip up.

Many users have slammed the app, rated for children over the age of 4, for encouraging a double-standard, a media reported.

The controversial app, dubbed Boyfriend Trainer, allows players to slap, strangle or even electrocute their virtual beaus if they do something wrong - like drop a drink or leave their clothes on the floor.

"Crack that whip and teach your guy a thing or two about being the Perfect Boyfriend! When scolding doesn't work, just zap him, whack him and train him to be your ideal man!" the app's description reads.

Boyfriend Trainer, developed by the Mumbai-based company Games2Win, also lets users punish their boyfriends if they eye another woman. Players can put their significant others on leashes, as well.

Users can put their beaus on leashes during one level of the questionable game, which allows players to use violence to "train" their boyfriends to be "perfect."

"Girlfriends don't like their boyfriends to look at other girls. About time he got the message. Slap him silly!" the game advises.

The aggressive app, available for both iPhone and Android, seems to have skirted Apple's infamously stringent App Store rules, which include an all-out ban on nudity and prohibit any program that appears to promote violence against women.

Many users have suggested that the game advances a double standard, arguing that the app wouldn't be available for download if it allowed boyfriends to "train" their girlfriends.


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