Based on nanodots, the new battery is capable of moving electric current at the speed of lightning. This is way faster compared to batteries that we currently have.

"At the moment, the battery design is only in the prototype stage. In about two years, these magic batteries will be hitting the stores," Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, was quoted as saying.

To make nanodots, the researchers used tiny organic crystals that were only two nanometres long. Through a self-assembly process, these crystals were able to form nanodots.

"They possess a natural glow, something that could be used to illuminate the display of the handsets. This will be equivalent to the kinds of displays that are currently in use," Myersdorf added.

The progress of the battery was demonstrated recently at the 'Think Next' symposium in Tel Aviv, where the battery charged a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in just 26 seconds, the reports added.