A new system called Bio Phone, developed by researchers at MIT, can take your heart rate, breathing and other physiological measurements while it sits in your bag or pocket, without even touching your body, MIT Technology Review reported.

The Bio Phone derives biological signals from your phone's accelerometer and it can capture the small movements of your body that result from the beating of your heart and rising and falling of your chest, researchers said.

For example, your smartphone might suggest you try some breathing exercises or ask a loved one to give you a call. To measure the utility of Bio Phone, researchers asked participants to stand, sit and lie down with a smartphone in their pocket.

However, researchers still have to figure out how to measure heart and breathing rates reliably when the smartphone is in different spots like your back pants pocket, which can change how the biological signals are picked up. In other words, the farther you get from the heart, the harder it is to get a good reading.

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