Smartphone shipments will reach nearly 1.3 billion units in 2014, an increase of 26.3 percent over last year. In 2015, however, 1.4 billion smartphones are expected to be shipped worldwide -  a mere 12.2 percent increase over the 2014 figures, according to the IDC report released on Tuesday.

Chinese players in the global market will help reduce prices.

"Emerging markets like India will see much lower smartphone prices, as average selling prices (ASPs) hit US$135 (Rs.8,360) in 2014 and will fall to US$102 (Rs.6,300) by 2018," Melissa Chau from IDC said in a statement.

Apple sold a smaller number of phones but generated better revenues per phone and will continue to do so in the future.

"By 2018, Android will control 80 percent of global smartphones shipped and 61 percent of revenues, while iOS will control only 13 percent of volumes and 34 percent of revenues," added Chau.

Google Android numbers will also ensure that any new operating system would find it tougher to break into the very competitive phone market.

"With Android volumes so dominant, it is no longer a possibility for new operating systems like Tizen and Firefox to compete on price alone - any underdog OS must bring a radically different appeal to gain any significant traction," said Chau.