Washington: A recent study has shown that dimming the brightness of lit devices like smartphones and tablets could facilitate a good night's sleep.

The study by research group Mayo Clinic suggests that dimming the smartphone or tablet brightness and holding the device at least 14 inches from the face while using it can reduce its likelihood to interfere with melatonin and obstruct sleep, a daily reported. Melatonin is a hormone that helps control the natural sleep-wake cycle. 

The findings are part of several other studies by Mayo Clinic, which are to be presented at SLEEP 2013, the annual meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies, underway in Baltimore.

"Earlier, people would go to bed and read a book. Well, now people go to bed and they have their tablet on which they read a book," said co-author of the study Lois Krahn, a psychiatrist and sleep expert at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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