Between 2012 and 2013, smartphone ownership increased sharply (up 20 percent), while tablet ownership increased dramatically (up 125 percent) in the UK, the research found. The only other gadgets to show an increase in ownership were laptops (by 4 percent) and e-readers (by 31 percent).
All other household gadgets saw declines, from an 18 percent decline for portable game players, to a 7 percent decline for digital cameras, largely because the tasks these devices are designed for can be completed using smartphones or tablets.

Tablets in particular are rapidly becoming ubiquitous. According to YouGov's "Tablet Tracker" research, differences between demographics have reduced significantly.
In 2012, by far the most prominent age group was those aged 55 and over, representing 42 percent of tablet owners. This reflected the high price tag of tablets, particularly the iPad, more affordable to older consumers, Ipsos MORI research for Deloitte found.
Since then many new and less expensive Android-based devices have flooded the market, making tablets increasingly available and affordable. Consequently those 55 and over represent 31 percent of the total, the study found.