The mid-sized firm also provides system design and wireless software solutions.

"We will offer design services to customers of Intel Custom Foundry that require expertise, know-how and unique IP in critical embedded applications," SmartPlay President and CEO Pradeep Vajram said.

SmartPlay will provide support in SoC implementations and will offer turnkey services ranging from RTL/Netlist to GDSII, he added.

SmartPlay shares a successful three-year relationship with Intel Custom Foundry and has delivered numerous projects for them like test chip development platform (architecture to GDSII) among others, Vajram said.

Increasing complexity, interface and functionality of SoC have brought many challenges in building highly integrated systems, he added.

"SmartPlay's design services are aimed at enabling companies to reduce time-to-market, increase efficiency and perform better and faster," Vajram said.

SmartPlay has design centres in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Greater Noida, San Jose, San Diego, Austin and Singapore. The firm employs over 1,100 people.

It provides design services to several Fortune 500 and mid-sized semiconductor and system companies working on graphics, mobile, multimedia and processor technologies.