Mumbai: The world will celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day this Saturday. Suicide and depression are closely linked, and while not everyone who is depressed, eventually takes their own life; it's never too late to be happy. 5 tips to smile.

Tip 1: Make happiness a priority

According to Dr Timothy Sharp, author of The Happiness Handbook, "If happiness is not at the top of your list then other things will take precedence." By prioritizing happiness, you allow it to become a guiding force in your life, which can help translate 'happy' thoughts or positive intentions into positive actions.

Tip 2: Get time on your side

Effectively managing your time will allow you to feel more in control of your day. Feeling as if you're constantly working against the clock can make you feel overwhelmed, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression. The top tip for effective time management is defining your priorities. This helps you decide which tasks require your immediate attention, and which ones can be tackled later. Getting to work half an hour early helps too!

Tip 3: Maximise your commuting time

Instead of dreading the hour or so that it takes for you to get to work, look forward to it as valuable "me-time". Read a book on the way to work or shove an audio book CD into the car music system or use the time to brush up on French grammar. Whatever you do, make it count.

Tip 4: Set aside 30 mins a day to stretch your legs

If the thought of exercise seems intimidating, think of it as setting aside half an hour to get some fresh air into your lungs. If 30 minutes seems like a luxury, re-look at how you are prioritizing your day. Accept that you (or anyone else) are rarely ever going to check off all the items on your to-do list. So, you might as well devote 30 minutes (or three 10-minute breaks) to the pursuit of happiness.

Tip 5: Be kind

Kindness can range from covering for a colleague whose spouse is ill or wishing the receptionist a heartfelt 'hello' on your way in to work every day; your day is filled with several opportunities for random acts of kindness (RAKs). Bringing a little sunshine into another person's life is just one of the ways you can add more sunshine to yours.