New York: If you really want to win a man's heart, put some honey on your lips and don't be afraid to ask if he's afraid of ghosts, a new love handbook advices single ladies.

‘Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt’ authors Ariel Kiley, 32, and Simone Kornfeld, 31, encourage women to flirt their way toward the ultimate prize: a collection of, as Kornfeld puts it, "sparkly, hilarious moments in the night," the New York Daily News reported.

According to Kiley, "all an attractive girl has to do is smile to get him to sexually desire her." She added, “If you're a hot girl, guys are going to want to bang you."

Smitten encompasses a lot more than how to get guys to make out with you and sleep with you, Kiley noted, insisting that it's about creating a personal connection that has much more meaning than sexual attraction. Kornfeld and Kiley write men love women who talk dirty, reveal their most secret thoughts or drop five-syllable words like lasciviously and fiduciary.

They recommend spotting a hot guy who's not talking to women, sitting in his field of view and projecting confidence. A lot of women, according to Kornfeld, feel that they need to be prideful - that they need to be a little more salty.But in this behaviour actually squelches the connection, she said.