Advani, who won the points format title earlier in the tournament, beat Englishman Wilson 1060-376. He had defeated Arun Agarwal in his opening match.

Advani, having started tentatively in the first match, registered the highest score in the Championship by an Indian so far.

Compatriot Rupesh Shaw was the other player to cross the 1000 barrier. Shaw outplayed Andrew Draper 1053-117.

In an all Indian affair, Balachandra Bhaskar surprised Alok Kumar 623-321.

The day however belonged to former champion David Causier of England. Causier taking on a hapless Jaiveer Dhingra, reeled off 10 breaks notable being 186, 236 and 260.

Results: Group B: Jaiveer Dhingra bt Phil Davies (ENG) 543-210. Group C: Robin Wilson (ENG) bt Arun Agarwal 871 (198, 186)-386; Pankaj Advani bt Wilson 1060 (332, 119, 254)-376; Agarwal bt Gaye Jones (ENG) 764-91. Group D: Aditya Agarwal bt Norman Whaley (ENG) 643 (105)-280. Group E: Dhvaj Haria bt Phil Mumford (ENG) 672 (178)-418 (106). Shane Bartelette (CAN) bt Sushrut Pandia 420-411. Group F: Raj Kumar Dorairaj bt Chris Taylor 524-433; Steve Brookshaw (ENG) bt Dorairaj 645-337; Siddharth Parikh bt Dorairaj 885 (119, 204)-302 (100).

Group G: Balachandra Bhaskar bt Alok Kumar 623 (106, 242)-321; Alok Kumar bt Todd Hayward (AUS) 875 (184, 158, 188)-367; Balachandra Bhaskar bt Mark Hill (ENG) 816 (170)-148. Group H: Dhruv Sitwala bt Steve Lock (ENG) 737 (142)-218. Group I: Rupesh Shah bt Andrew Draper (ENG) 1053 (246, 163, 110, 145)-117. Ian Williamson (ENG) bt S. Venkateswaran 406-262. Group J: Devendra Joshi bt Nalin Patel (ENG) 865 (128, 209, 105)-256. Group K: Sourav Kothari bt Brian Harvey (ENG) 704 (154)-386. Ashok Shandilya bt Kothari 565-461 (200); Kothari bt Aaron Davies (ENG) 806-264.

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