According to report, the words 'minister' and 'sansadhan (resources)' were spelt incorrectly in the letters sent to school teachers across the country, congratulating them on the performance of their students.

A Chhattisgarh based teacher responded with a 'thanks' and some advice. Highlighting the errors in a Facebook post, Richa Kumar of the Delhi Public School wrote, "Thank you for congratulating me on the excellence I exemplify. However, having been a teacher for the last twenty years, your official letter head is an affront to my sensibilities as a Language teacher. The attached photographs are self explanatory. Please ensure that at least the people who work for you, in your ministry, are well educated."

On learning about it, Irani ordered an inquiry into the matter. Clarifying that the mistake was not made by her, Irani posted on Twitter, "I would not misspell my own name in Hindi."

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