Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has decided to send parents SMS reminders about details of mandatory vaccinations for their infants.

The system has been developed by Information Kerala Mission (IKM), the e-governance project, as part of the 'Hospital Kiosks'.

The messages will be sent to the parents who register online the birth of their child through the Hospital Kiosks, said A Shaji, Director (Implementation), Information Kerala Mission.

"The SMS facility is an integrated project of Hospital Kiosk programme through which people can register birth and death at the respective hospitals and get the certificates easily," Shaji said.

He added that the mobile numbers mentioned in the birth registration forms will be collected and details of vaccination will be sent as SMS to the number.

The IKM is planning to launch the programme state wide from next month in all hospitals which have the Hospital Kiosks.

As Health Department has made the birth registration through health kiosks a mandatory, the date collection will not be a hard task, he said.

"The SMS alert system is a fully computerised facility. Each and every details of vaccination and the numbers of parents will be fed and updated in the software," he said.
However, the official said the major challenge before the department is the accuracy of the updates.