It enables delivery of snacks to your seat at the push of a button, and one can conveniently make purchases throughout the course of a film without settling for the traditional, offline methods of ordering at the concession stand or from the Service On Seat ushers.

The idea struck Dhruv Madhok over a capuccino."I was at the movies last year and decided to get a cappuccino during the interval. I waited in line for almost fifteen minutes, only to discover that I had missed several crucial minutes of the film when I returned to my seat.”

Snacket has so far clocked over 1,000 downloads each on Android and iOS, and they register over 25 transactions daily. Kumar says "over the next three to six months, we aim to be the pioneers, and the go-to app for customers when it comes to ordering food at all their favourite cinemas".

"We will also partner with marquee restaurants and grocery chains nearby, so customers can use Snacket to order food, both inside the cinema hall, and outside," he added.

As of now, the app's service is available in PVR theatres in Delhi and Gurgaon. After a test of deploying Snacket at a PVR theatre in the capital suburb Gurgaon, the co-founders observed that the process of real-time mobile ordering not only enhanced the customers' experience, but also increased concession sales for the cinema hall.

"Now we are going to two more locations in Gurgaon, and then Delhi," Kumar said, and added that the larger idea, of course, is to expand to more cinema chains.