Ever since he has been catching snakes as the fear-factor began to fade. He claims to have caught over 4,000 snakes so far.

“Not only snakes, I love all animals but I am deeply attached to snakes. It’s been there since I caught the first snake in fourth standard. I must have caught around 4,000 snakes till now. From childhood, they have been my close buddies” said Rajneesh.

The snake lover said that he recently got a call regarding a python being spotted in a nearby house and rushed to the spot to catch it but could not. Instead, he was able to return home with seven eggs of that python, of which he successfully hatched five, which he claims are healthy and doing fine.

“Anytime of the day, whenever anyone calls me for help regarding snakes, either human fear or snake bites I am ready to go. I am currently a rescue staff with the forest department’s rapid rescue team,” he added.

Rajneesh is now a part of the rapid rescue team of the forest department and earns his living with the job apart from the small amount he gets from villagers by catching snakes.


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