According to the Verge, Discover will now be right beneath the user's stories and above those from their friends. This change is done to bring more views to the Discover section as the users will no longer have to navigate to a separate page to view media partners' stories.

Discover is a part of Snapchat that allows the users to see original content from more than 10 media outlets including ESPN, CNN and Vice. Live stories are often location-specific which are sometimes made available worldwide depending on the buzz around a certain event.

The update is available now for iOS and is presumably coming to Android in the near future. Snapchat's Discover feature allows users to trade clips with their friends. To share music, news articles or video clips, simply tap and hold the desired Discover content.

Discover was added to the popular photo-sharing app in January, as a way to enable users to access media such as CNN, Vice and Warner Music.

Snapchat also announced a new feature called Snapcodes that enables users to add friends more easily. To add a friend from now on, point your camera at a vector file of a Snapcode, an individualized QR code for a fellow user, and tap on your screen. The vectors can be used on websites or printed.