Nicosia: In a sniper attack at least five people were killed on Saturday during Syrian funeral processions, including three shot dead. The incident took place when the victims were to bury their dead in a local cemetery.

The procession was held to bury those 80 people who were killed when Syrian security forces fired live rounds and tear gas at massive protests nationwide a day after President Bashar al-Assad ended nearly five decades of emergency rule.

Snipers opened fire from roof-tops as the funeral procession was in its way to a cemetery, killing at least three mourners and wounding one, a witness and a human rights activist in the Damascus suburb of Douma told.

Two other mourners were killed in southern Syria as they joined funeral corteges headed for the town of Ezreh to bury scores of people who were killed on Friday by security forces, a rights activist said.

"The security forces opened fire with live rounds at people who were heading from the Daraa region toward Ezreh to take part in the funerals," the activist said.