Dehradun: Any wonder as to how scientist will control the alarming acceleration in the melting of glaciers? In a first-of-its-kind initiative by the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, scientists have developed ice harvesting technique to build artificial glaciers, which will not only help in maintaining appropriate temperature near glaciers but will also help to maintain water levels in the river.

At a time when global warming  and shrinking glaciers have forced scientists all across the globe to search for measures that can control the temperature of glaciers, Indian scientist have come up with an innovative technique of ice harvesting.

“To develop artificial glaciers, loose ice from glaciers and avalanche will be used for ice harvesting, " said glaciologist at Glaciology Centre, Wadia Institute, Dr DB Dhobal.

“Though the harvested ice melts at a much faster rate than glaciers, it can be accumulated for longer duration. Maximum snow harvesting will bring receding glaciers to halt," he added.

It was also learnt that melting of the artificial glacier will lead to origin of new water sources in the Himalayan region.

Dr Dhobal informed that project will soon commence after getting approval from higher authorities. As per the plans, the snow harvesting will be done in Gangotri and Kedarnath region of Uttarakhand.