The Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the plea seeking stay on Andhra Pradesh High Court order quashing 4.5 percent sub-quota for minorities in central educational institutions has come as a big blow to the Centre. The government is itself to be blamed for this situation. It is rather more disappointing that the government disregarded the constitution and announced sub-quota for minorities. The constitution rejects any kind of reservation on the lines of religion and community but the Centre did exactly the different. To woo the minorities especially the Muslims in the recently concluded assembly election the government made this announcement. This was done exactly before the announcement of the poll itinerary by the Election Commission. And the Supreme Court’s decision further proves that the government was merely trying to gain votes in their favour. Despite severe criticism from various corners, the government justified its move by saying that the promise for reservation was made in its manifesto of 2009. If that is the case then why did it take three years to make this announcement? Does everything promised in the manifesto become a constitutional norm?

The Supreme Court too asked a similar question to the government that can reservation be given on the grounds of belief? The government has to answer this not only to the judiciary but the entire country. Other reason that the government has to ponder over is the continuous strategic failure of the government. However, it is highly unlikely that the government will learn from its mistakes. Surprisingly despite the Supreme Court’s order the government is not willing to accept it as a mistake on their part. As a result the minorities are now feeling cheated. On the other hand the order is going to affect over 325 IIT students who were shortlisted for the prestigious institution on the minority quota basis. The government should now work out a strategy to keep the morale of these students high. Amending the constitution will not serve the purpose.