New Delhi: Amidst the tug of war between the Army Chief and the Defence Minister AK Antony in defence deals, there are some indications of Gen VK Singh softening his stand.

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As per the top official sources, Army Chief softened his stand since he was told sternly by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that General Singh would have to approach the Prime Minister only through Defence Minister A K Antony. Meanwhile, Chief Gen VK Singh, Defence Minister AK Antony along with the DRDO officials will hold a crucial meet at 3 PM on Monday to discuss capital acquisition (purchase of arms) for the army.

According to sources in the PMO, Army Chief Gen VK Singh remained firm on his stand, but dismissed reports of any confrontation with the government. He also lavished praise on Defence Minister Antony while talking to the media. The sources further claimed that the Army Chief was exploring various options to meet the Prime Minister on Friday to clarify his stand on the issues entrapping him since long.

Antony and Singh had a brief meeting on Friday afternoon in South Block in Delhi after which he denied rumors of any differences with the Defence Minister. The sources said that General VK Singh told Antony that he was not taking the matter to the media, on which the Defence Minister said, “It is the need of the hour as not doing this will further worsen the situation.”

Gen VK Singh not only denied of having any differences with the Defence Minister but also blamed some elements for giving a different color to the entire episode.

General Singh’s revelation of being offered bribe in the Tatra truck deal and the leakage of his letter written to the Prime Minister pointing finger at lack of ammunition in the Indian army raised the troubles for the government. According to sources, PM was also concerned over the timing of the controversies when the Parliament Session and the BRICS Summit were going on in the Capital. But the government ended up facing tough time in the Parliament.