Paris (Agencies): World Bank president Robert Zoellick cautioned leaders of the top global economies on Saturday that the world is heading towards a danger point where soaring food prices threaten further political instability.

"I mentioned that we are reaching a danger point," Zoellick remarked , adding that he had urged G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs meeting here to "put food first in 2011”.

Zoellick said that increasing prices would ultimately result in increased food supplies but in the intervening couple of years, "there could be an awful lot of turmoil and governments could fall and societies could go into turmoil."

Soaring food, fuel and other basic costs have been one of the important factors instigating political unrest across the Middle East and North Africa which has forced the ouster of long-standing autocratic rulers in Egypt and Tunisia.

The World Bank president said that the international community needs to be ready to act quickly to help countries such as Tunisia to cope with economic shocks as they try to manage political transition.