New Delhi: Slowly but surely, the price of onion has become a standard parameter for the Centre to fret on the issue of inflation. With onion rates on the path of incline, the issue has drawn the attention of the Union Government which now believes that the situation is a bit worrisome.

The significant decline in onion supply in the wholesale market has accounted for an increase in its rate. Judging by the present scenario, it appears that a similar condition will continue in the near future.

In New Delhi’s Azadpur consumer market, there has been a decrease of 20 percent in the supply of onion for the week ending on August 23 from August 16. The total supply in Maharashtra’s different consumer markets was registered a 16,770 ton for the present week, whereas it was recorded at 22,000 ton in the last week.

In the same time span last year, 39,000 ton onion was supplied in different consumer markets of Maharashtra. The figures reveal a 50 percent decline in the Onion supply.

Market expert are of the view that the price of onion are likely to increase further.

Significantly, food inflation which stood at 9.03 percent in the previous week has rose to 9.80 percent for the week ended August 13. Even though prices of all the commodities have shown an upward trend, but onion prices shot up by 44.42 percent.

During the week ended August 13, potatoes became 16.39 percent more expensive, egg rose 27.01 percent, milk price increased by 9.51 percent, green vegetable rose by 6.52 percent and wheat as compared to the previous year has registered a rise of 5.22 percent.

Expressing concern over this issue, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee termed it as a serious matter which requires immediate attention.

(JPN/ Bureau)