Rome: Argentine veteran footballer Javier Zanetti, who has been with Inter Milan for 17 years, apologised to fans for the team's "worst performance of the season" where they were thrashed by Roma 0-4 at the Olimpico Stadium.

"I think this was our worst performance of the season, quite apart from the fact Roma played very well and deserved their victory," Zanetti said on Sunday.

"We never stepped on to the field, as there was a total black-out, but we must try to remain concentrated, because we cannot repeat a performance like this ever again," he said.

The Argentine though gave due credit to a Roma side that was unstoppable on the day.

"A lot of credit goes to Roma, as they held the ball well and confidently came out from their penalty area, then it all became more difficult for us once they broke the deadlock. As I said, there's no point analyzing this match, as we simply weren't there.

"We will talk Tuesday, because it can do more damage if we discuss it when the game is fresh in the memory. It is better to wait a while and pick apart what happened with cool heads," he said.