Bucharest: The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) plans to impose tougher sanctions on clubs whose stadiums are in a poor condition, the federation's licensing director Viorel Duru told local media in comments published on Saturday.

"All first division teams' stadiums should be in an appropriate condition up to July 1 if they're to receive a license for the 2012/2013 season," Duru said.

Duru said FRF's executive committee had decided to introduce a new rule for covered seats at the stadiums with at least 5,000 covered seats for stadiums with a capacity more than 10,000 and at least 3,000 covered seats for those with less.

The FRF will also make pitch inspections with Duru saying that turf heating should be compulsory in all first division stadiums. Only seven stadiums in Romania currently have turf heating.

The Balkan country's clubs, many of whom face considerable infrastructure difficulties, are struggling to meet administrative, legal and financial conditions set by UEFA.

"The future does not look very good," added Duru. "Some clubs are insolvent and probably it'll be difficult for them to continue.

"UEFA introduced financial regulations that will stop clubs from spending more money than they earn from June 2012 and those who fail to meet the requirements will be fined with up to 1 million euros (USD1.32 million)." (USD1 = 0.7582 euros).