Rio de Janeiro: Flamengo head coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo has given the club an ultimatum that he would resign unless former Brazilian star Ronaldinho Gaucho is released. The coach had caught the athlete red handed flouting club rules.

The uncomfortable situation at Flamengo has come to a boiling point. Luxemburgo gave the athletes specific instructions on conduct during the pre-season in order to focus strictly on football. One of the rules for each player was that no female visitors were allowed inside the club's compound.

However, Ronaldinho broke the rule and was caught personally by Luxemburgo. Extremely irritated, the coach took quick measures and sought out club president Patricia Amorim, calling for the athlete's release. Amorim rejected Luxemburgo's demand, causing the coach to become infuriated.

Luxemburgo promised that if Ronaldinho was not released that he would quit. The coach said that he will lead Flamengo into the pre-Libertadores match on January 25 at Bolivia's Real Potosi, but that it could be his last match with the club unless some sort of conciliation is made regarding Ronaldinho apparent lack of respect for authority within the club.

Fueling the dispute between the coach and player, Ronaldinho did not practice on Wednesday, alleging intestinal problems.

Another factor that may facilitate the athlete's departure is the fact that the club still owes Ronaldinho an estimated USD 2 million, still unpaid from last season.