In a three-pager addressed to Modi, Hazare has said that it is imperative to implement the Lok Pal and Lokayukta to control corruption to an extent and give a fair price to agriculture produce to stop farmers' suicides in the country.

The 79-year-old pointed out how before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi promised that if the Bharatiya Janata Party was voted to power, he would strive to make the country corruption-free.

"However, even now corruption has not decreased, no work can be done without paying bribes... Even inflation has not been curbed. In the matter of corruption, there is no difference between the UPA and NDA governments", Hazare wrote.

He reminded Modi that when he first stepped inside parliament, he vowed to maintain its sanctity like a temple: "But parliament sessions are lost in fights-arguments... crores of rupees of public money is being wasted".

Touching upon a sensitive issue, Hazare recalled how Modi promised to get back the black money stashed abroad within 100 days and each Indian would get Rs.15 lakh in his bank account.

On the agriculture front, he said the government promised 1.5 times returns to the farming community, but since that remains unimplemented, farmers suicides continue to plague farmlands across India.

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