New Delhi: While Rajghat was the ‘ground-zero’ of Gandhian Anna Hazare’s token fast on Wednesday, social networking sites were also abuzz with a similar kind of anti-corruption crusade.

Although social activist Anna broke his symbolic fast after the sunset, the social networking and micro-blogging sites continued to witness the anti-crusade campaign.

As Anna Hazare supported Ramdev’s initiative against black money, general support from every nook and corner poured in support of the movement. With the anti-corruption rage, the cyber world was abuzz with Hazare’s profile.

The general public through this modern tool expressed their views on corruption, the police brutality against Ramdev and his followers and reaction of PM on the whole episode.

The netizens did not fail to draw comparison between yoga guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare.

As the Gandhian leader began his symbolic fast on Rajghat on Wednesday, several social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter were flooded with the comments on Anna and his crusade.

Several profiles of Anna Hazare were created on the networking site and the number of people connecting to such profiles increased in no time. People fearlessly expressed their opinion on corruption.

While the net savvy people discussed the Lokpal Bill at length, they also denounced the government for not permitting Anna to hold his fast at Jantar Mantar.