Showing their cowardice by exploding bombs in Mumbai, which claimed many innocent lives, terrorists gave a big jolt to Indian democracy. It proves that the Indian democracy is being swayed by a handful of leaders who are taking such grievous incident at ease, as it is clearly reflected by Rahul Gandhi’s statement that every terror attack could not be stopped. It is a great irony that the Congress, quipped over to defend Rahul saying that he is right and such few incidents will keep happening now and then. The Congress leaders, especially Digvijay Singh, are deeply concerned that Rahul’s statement should not invoke acerbic remarks. Trying to link RSS with the blasts, he has exposed parochial politics of India due to which the country looks feeble before terrorists. Such sort of statement definitely distracts attention and creates hurdles in the investigations.

The Congress leaders do not seem to feel that terrorists have dismantled the internal security system. It also looks odd that Home Minister P Chidambaram is not ready to concede the failures of investigating agencies. He cannot pass the buck, because the terror attack on Mumbai has exposed chinks in the armour of investigating agencies and also put the Home Ministry in the dock. Most of the promises made by him in the aftermath of 26/11 have not yet been fulfilled. Neither CCTV has been installed in the significant areas, nor anti-terrorist centre was set up, or no coastal security was boosted.

In November 2008, when terrorists attacked at significant places of Mumbai, killing nearly 170 people, the Central government then made promise to develop such a strong security cover that would dash terror’s dream into pieces, but nothing so far has happened even in Mumbai which is highly prone to terror attacks. It is true that police could not be deployed at every nook and cranny in such a big country, but the moot point is why are police and those officials responsible for internal security are not as much agile as jawans who are deployed along borders of the country. It has been seriously felt to boost police and intelligence agencies for a long, but they are still pathetic and no leaders are in position to explain why this moribund situation exists. However, everyone knows that until the political exploitation of police and intelligence agencies are stopped, the situation will not improve, however the people holding high profile positions are not bothered to take initiative. If police and intelligence agencies are efficient, it will not only encourage people but also dampen spirit of terrorists and such situation will not prevail.

The way terrorists hit Mumbai for two decades, clearly indicates that internal security system has completely collapsed. Owing to laxity of the Mumbai police, the underworld has again become active. In collusion with the underworld, there has been several bomb blasts in Mumbai. Despite that, the Mumbai police failed to stop them. Dawood Ibrahim, who has been sought by the Indian government from Pakistan, is running his empire with his aides in Mumbai and some others too are engaged in such illegal activities. This is sheer a mockery. Are the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Maharashtra Chief Minister unfamiliar that the underworld is again thriving in Mumbai and they are linked with terror outfits?

After the recent bomb blasts in Mumbai, no ruling party leader has raised finger at Pakistan so far. The reason may be absence of concrete evidence and India does want to snap dialogue with Pakistan. It is a fact that terrorists spread in India are rooted in Pakistan. In the wake of incoherent and unstable Indian strategy regarding Pakistan, it always advocates that whatever happening in India is its internal issue or it is triggered by Kashmir turbulence. All these are baseless, nonetheless Indian government is helpless. The leaders of the country should deeply mull why the audacity of terrorists are getting boosted, but they decline doing so. Perhaps this may be the reason America is taking action against Pakistan for the sake of its interests. America is not ready to take action against Pakistan sponsored terror activities in India. India needs to think it earnestly. With the lackadaisical attitude of India in the context of tackling terrorism, the message is clearly spelt out that India does not have will-power to eradicate terrorism.

India has been suffering terror attacks for the past two decades, but barring few cases even not a single terrorist could be punished. Even after punishment has been awarded in some cases, an execution has not been done so far. The government has no answer why has Afzal Guru, accused of the Parliament attack, not been punished and why there is delay in punishment of Kasab? The government also cannot explain why are police and security agencies not being upgraded? As these questions are left unanswered, India has to face embarrassment on world forum. Now, many countries term India as a soft and negligent nation. They are also of the opinion that Indian leaders do less work and talk much. The Central government could not escape acidic criticism for its inept handling of terrorism. If the government is not able to boost internal security, it should give up power.

(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on July 17, 2011 translated by the English Editorial. The author is Group Editor of Dainik Jagran)