"The prototype would be done in six months and hopefully by this time next year I would be selling (it) in the United States," McAfee told the Ground Zero conference in New Delhi through video conferencing on Saturday.
Considered by many a software genius as well as computer security pioneer, John McAfee fled from Belize in 2012 after his neighbour was found murdered. He denied charges on Saturday, saying that he is a victim of political vendetta.
The brain behind McAfee software, said that he is working on the device, which he claims, provides a secure and private Internet that would be ‘impossible’ to snoop into even by powerful servers of state agencies.
Speaking in detail about 'D-Central' project, he said that the much-awaited device works with smartphones and other gadgets.     

He added that the technology and encryption has been developed by him and the device would help in communicating with other computing devices in a ‘totally secure’ network.
The D-Central project came into the limelight against the backdrop of allegations of snooping by US security agencies.
McAfee founded security software company McAfee, which is now a part of chip giant Intel Corporation. He quit the company in 1995.