New Delhi: The ever increasing demand for power and the continuous exploitation of natural resources has created environmental imbalance thereby forcing the government to think for an alternative like the solar energy.

In the last several years, the use of solar energy is on the rise in the national capital. Taking a step further in this direction the Delhi government in partnership with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is set to kickstart a program wherein the Delhiites would be able to set up solar power plants on the roofs of their homes to fulfill their domestic requirement of electricity.

The people can not only sell the generated electricity to power distribution companies but will also promote the use of clean energy and help save the environment.

Under the proposed policy, the local residents will be required to sign a power purchase agreement with the power distribution companies in their areas to install a solar power plant on their rooftops.

 The solar photovoltaic technique will be used to install the solar power plants which can easily be installed on rooftops. The cost of installing such a plant on 200 metre wide roof will cost between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. Under the policy, the house owner can give his terrace on lease to a developer to install a solar power plant.

The people can also bear 30 percent of the installment cost to get their own solar power unit for personal use. The remaining 70 percent will be financed through banks. They can also sell the power generated through the plant to a power distribution company at a fixed price.

It is to be noted, the power company of the capital, Tata Power Delhi has already installed more than 400 such solar plants.

Emerging as a positive indication, electricity is being generated with the help of solar power panels in many government buildings. Solar water heaters have also been installed in these buildings. The Thyagraj stadium built for the Commonwealth Games 2010 is also powered on solar energy.

Solar radiation

Most parts of the country receives about 4-7 kW of solar radiation per square meter. Delhi gets a volume of upto 5.5 kW per square meter.

How is solar energy generated

The energy of the sun can be harnessed to produce electricity. Through Solar Photovoltaic cells, solar radiation is directly converted into direct current (DC). The produced electricity can be used directly or can be stored in batteries.