Nanital: The heat waves erupting from the sun always pose dangers to the satellites. Scientists are determined to forecast these waves and find out the factors that affect earth’s climate. Scientists have engaged themselves to solve the mysteries relating to the Sun.

Dr N Gopalaswami from NASA told Dainik Jagran about the developments in the ‘Indo-US Science and Technology Forum’.

He said, “Gigantic waves erupting from Sun are posing threats to the satellites. Waves can also harm the electronic devices.”

Magnetic storms erupting from Sun are active during Solar Maximum. Any research conducted during this period could help in discovering new facts and figures. This can also help in forecasting. With accurate forecast any damage that may occur because of waves could be avoided with the help of manmade satellites.

Dr Gopalaswami said, “The impact of solar activity on the weather could not be neglected. The ill-effects of the Maunder Minimum (Ice Age) of the 16th century could be spotted even today, when sunspots became exceedingly rare. With the ongoing changes and circumstances importance of space weather has increased in the recent times.”