"The aircraft will remain at the city airport until Tuesday due to bad weather conditions," Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport Director R K Singh said.

The Solar Impulse-2 project team also tweeted that departure of the aircraft has been postponed for two more days later than its scheduled departure on Sunday.

"D-4 (departure minus four) before RTW (Round the world) Flight 3 from Ahmedabad to Varanasi, India," said Solar Impulse-2 on its Twitter handle.

Gujarat has been witnessing cloudy atmosphere and untimely rains in many parts of the state including Ahmedabad since Thursday.
The world's only completely solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse-2 landed in the city on Tuesday. The Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard, president of the project, led the flight from Muscat to Ahmedabad on its second leg.

His co-pilot and CEO of the project Andre Borschberg is also in the city to spread the message of clean and renewable energy.

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