Los Angeles: Tech mogul Elon Musk said that he will soon release the design of a solar-powered transportation system that can travel a distance of 600 km in 30 minutes.

"I will publish Hyperloop alpha design by Aug 12. Critical feedback for improvements would be much appreciated," Musk tweeted on Monday.

Musk, the founder of space exploration company SpaceX, has said that the Hyperloop transport system will be a cross between a railgun, Concorde and air hockey table and will be crash-proof and unaffected by weather, reported a Chinese state run news agency.

The inventor, who also founded electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors, hinted that the Hyperloop will not be a vacuum tunnel, a concept for high-speed rail transportation that sucks the air out of tunnels so that trains can move quickly with little power.

Musk added that the cost of the Hyperloop will be far less than that of bullet trains and will be "the fifth mode after train, plane, automobile and boat".


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