IAF's Wg Cdr Huvey Upadhyay was given the award for saving lives of two Army pilots whose ALH Dhruv helicopter had crashed in the Siachen Glacier along with two Navy officers Lt Cdrs Manoranjan Kumar and Kapish Muwal who died while saving the crew of INS Sindhuratna submarine in February.

Chhetri foiled a planned attack by BAT including four terrorists and as many Pakistan Army regulars on Indian Army's tactically significant Abdul Hut post along the LoC on September 5 last year.

"The column was detected through a Hand Held Thermal Imager and tracked till it reached within 150 meters. Chhetri manning the Rocket Launcher, fired a high explosive rocket at the Pakistani column, striking near the centre and it immediately scattered," his citation said.

The soldier sensed that the column could escape and disregarding the personal danger to himself, maneuvered to abetter firing position under effective enemy fire.

"His second round also found its mark and scattered the group which was not seen thereafter and ensured that the enemy's raid was foiled with one foreign terrorist and one Pakistani Havildar killed which was confirmed by own intelligence agencies," it said.

The Pakistani BAT teams are notorious for their role in mutilating bodies of two Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir in January and then eliminating five more soldiers in August in 2013, creating tensions between the two countries.

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