After Prime Minister’s letter to Team Anna showing concern on the Gandhians  health and hinting towards the adoption of a soft stand on Jan Lokpal apart from appointing Pranab Mukherjee for political dialogue, it is expected from Team Anna to bring in a softer hue to its approach on the matter. They should resort to the soft stand overlooking the fact that the Central government, earlier, formed a murky  attitude towards Anna’s pre-announced movement, then it became a victim of indecisiveness and even after all this it bought more than the required time to show some sensitivity in the matter. There can be no doubt about the fact that the Central government, in the recent past, has given proof of insensitivity and indolence. But again, one cannot deny the reality of the situation that a solution to the problem cannot be chalked out by adopting the conflicting views. Now, when the ruling government is ready for a dialogue on the Jan Lokpal issue apart from showing signs of compromise, the justification of the demand, of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill passed by August 30, holds no ground. This is neither possible nor appropriate. Other than this, it should also be kept in mind that this is a complex issue which cannot be resolved overnight. If the government’s Lokpal lacks confidence then a few provisions for the Jan Lokpal also require discussion. Fulfilling this requirement of the Jan Lokpal Bill is not only the need of the hour but also a claim of democracy. Efforts should be directed towards creating a positive atmosphere for discussion given the fact that Team Anna is ready to hold talks on the Jan Lokpal Bill and must know its limitations. The needed ambience can only be concocted if the time limit, set by Anna and his team, is done away with. A long drawn movement might take a toll on Anna’s health; therefore, adequate efforts should be made at all levels to avert fatal consequences.

Only time will say whether the Central government, after coming face to face with the enormous anti-corruption movement and public indignation, has understood the simple fact that testing the country’s patience in all cases is not appropriate? If the Centre is still unwilling to accept that sitting idle, on the very issues which have taken a form of agitation and set the public in motion, is insulting the common people of India then it should get ready to pay a heavy price for the negligence. It is high time for the Opposition parties to realise that their work is not limited to criticism of  the government alone. It has been observed when the ruling party was unwilling to acknowledge its responsibilities and act accordingly, the Opposition was also busy playing political games to score points. And this is the reason why the Parliament has proved ineffectual. Anna’s movement has galvanised all political parties. Their credentials have already been discounted and they are on the verge of losing public confidence. The political parties must realise that politics has become much more disdainful.