London: Parents, do encourage your child to solve puzzles, if possible everyday -- it will help boost their mathematics skills as they grow up, says a new study.
Researchers have carried out the study and found that two- to four-year-old children who play with puzzles develop better spatial skills and can actually solve maths problems through reasoning.
For their study, the researchers at the University of Chicago analysed 53 child-parent pairs.
They asked the parents to interact with their children as they normally would. About half the children in the study did play with puzzles at least once. Higher income parents tended to engage children with puzzles more frequently.
They found that puzzle play predicted important skills in mathematics, science and technology and was also a key aspect of perception. in children, as reported.
The findings revealed that two- to four-year-old children who play with puzzles had better spatial skills when they were assessed two years later, according to Susan Levine, who led the study.
The study has been published in the latest edition of the 'Developmental Science' journal.