If you think that you know enough about the holy place, then think again, as we bring you some lesser known facts about 'Vaishno Devi' that will literally amaze you.

Do you know that the original cave of Vaishno Devi Mata is generally closed most of the year? The reason behind this is because the original cave is too long and it takes a lot of time for the pilgrims to pass through it. The two caves that take you to the main shrine are actually man-made and they were constructed accordingly to reduce and manage the rush of devotees.

Many reports suggest that the origin of Maa Vaishno Devi is a really mystery. Well, nobody actually knows that how the caves came into existence, what exactly happened there. Although many researches conducted on the holy caves suggest that they yielded around one million years ago. Incredible, isn't it?

The main shrine is approximately 13 kms away from the town Katra. Do you know the highest point in Vaishno Devi is 'Bhawan'? It is located at 6218 feet above sea level. The devotees require a 6 km trek on this track to reach 'Bhawan'.

Well, it is believed that an individual's trip to the holy temple depends on the call from the Deity, Vaishno Devi. Until and unless 'mata' wants you to come, you cannot plan your trip to the  Holy Abode. If you desire and plan to visit the sacred place, that means she has chosen you to shower her grace and blessings.

For many years the Shrine Board of Vaishno Devi has been giving Shrine Board stamped coins to the pilgrims as a souvenir. But now there  is a government-authorized Vaishno Devi Shrine Board coin of Rs 5.


Sushmita Pant/JPN

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