One of the such military posts is Siachen military base which is a world's highest battlefield. The Siachen Glacier is located at the Eastern Karakoram range in the Himalaya Mountains. Many a time, soldiers are killed in the the deadly avalanche in Siachen.

Here, we bring some lesser known facts about  Siachen Army post that will surely thrill you:

1. Siachen is located in Jammu and Kahsmir. The Line of Control between India and Pakistan ends at  Siachen post.

2. Soldiers at Siachen post do not get fresh food due to freezing weather. Fruits like orange and apple freeze. They receive meal in tin boxes.   

3. The choppers drop supplies (edible items) at Siachen as they can not land due to snowstorms.

4. Indian Armed Forces had gained control of Siachen Glacier from Pakistan after launching 'Operation Meghdoot' on in 1984.

5. Siachin Glacier is the world's highest battlefield.  The winter temperature often drops to minus 50 degrees Celsius in the region.

6. The avalanche is the biggest threat than enemy's bullet at the military post. The snowstorms in Siachen may continue for three weeks.

7. India controls the 70 kilometres long Siachen Glacier and its tributary glaciers.

8. It is prevailed in 76 km area and the Siachen is the second longest non-polar area.

9. According to government report, 33 officers, 54 junior commissioned officers and 782 of other ranks officer had lost their lives due to the hostile climate.

10. Military movement of both the countries harm natural biological system at the glacier.

Source: Wikipedia

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