The tragedy took place due to leakage of deadly methyl iso-cyanate (MIC)  in the Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant in the city of Bhopal. Even after decades of this incident, children are born with musculoskeletal disorders and other ailments. In the immediate aftermath, the plant was closed to outsiders by the  government, which resulted into the failure to make data public, contributing to the further confusion.

Here are some of the disturbing facts about Bhopal Gas tragedy that will send the shivers down your spine:

Activists claim that 25000 people have died due to the gas release while government records confirm 3,787 deaths

The main accused UCC Chairman and CEO Warren Anderson was arrested and later released by Madhya Pradesh police on USD 2100 bail within six hours after arrest.

Even after decades, the new generation of Bopal are still born with musculoskeletal disorders, brain damage and twisted limbs.


More than 2000 animals were found dead from the effect of the gas and were disposed of all together in the nearby river.

An organisation, Narain prepared a report in 2009, stating that the samples collected from around the site contained compounds and pesticides which were 561 times higher than the permissible limit.


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