New Delhi: Without proper maintenance any item in the house will get spoilt over time. Humidity and dust can affect any electronic equipment in the house. Spending a little to protect expensive equipment like home theatre systems is a good idea.

Covering the system:

Covers for DVD players are readily available in the market and are available in all sizes. They are generally made of cotton cloth or plastic and are a cheap way of protecting the DVD unit from dust. Covering speakers is also recommended as dust tends to settle on the speaker membrane and is difficult to clean. Always keep a DVD lens cleaning disk in stock as the lens needs to be cleaned periodically.


If the space permits cabinets can be a great aesthetic addition to the home theatre system. A good cabinet must protect and house the DVD player. It can also have storage space for the movie collection. Speakers should not be placed in or around cabinets as the sound will tend to echo. The television system though can be enclosed in the cabinet since the sound is from external speakers. It is recommended preferably using wood or a non-conducting material for its construction for earthing issues. One can install small heaters in the cabinet to resolve the issue of humidity.

Switching off the mains

It is highly advisable to switch off the mains when not using the Home theatre system. It not only conserves power but more importantly it prolongs the life of the DVD player and sub-woofer. Since the mains are switch on, even though the system is not in use the internal circuits remain active and tend to heat up over time, hence damage the system. To protect the system from electrical fluctuations a computer strip or ‘spike guard’ can be used for connections.


Many people use a projector and screen instead of a television. The first thing to remember when using the projector for periods more than three hours is not to switch it off immediately after use. Put it on standby as it allows the cooling fan to continue running and properly cool the equipment. To prolong the life of the projector lamp, avoid back to back movies with no break. Let the projector be on standby mode for fifteen minutes before starting the next film.

Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the lens. Do not use damp cloth or cleaning fluid. Clean the projector air filters regularly, manufactures recommend cleaning it monthly. Do not encase the projector such that it blocks the air vents.

(Courtsey-City Plus)