1 Fully transparent house, Japan:

Oops!! This house is too transparent to live in. One of the unique houses you must have ever seen is this transparent one located in Tokyo, Japan.

2 The Hobbit house, Wales:

If you want to know how your ancestral house looked like, then this Hobbit house located at Wales is the one you should really see. It is built using all the natural materials.

3 Skateboard House, USA:

For all the Skateboard lovers, here is a house that will help them skate in and around the house. This beautiful and amazing house is located in USA.

4 Flinstones Home, USA:

If you are a fan of Flinstones cartoon show and characters, then you must visit this house. This single storey house is in Malibu.

5 Giant Seashell House, Mexico:

If you wish to become a mermaid or want to experience the life of aquatic animals then this sea shell house will be the best option. This house is located in Mexico.

6 Stone House, Portugal:

This house has a small door, chimney and a window. Located in Portugal, the house looks like a massive rock.

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