"The person's physical appearance turned me on" was rated as the top reason for women opting for casual sex. The number two and number three reasons for casual sex were "It feels good" and "I was horny", respectively.

"To my knowledge, this is the first study to specifically compare physical and emotional reasons for casual sex," study's co-author Heather Armstrong from University of Ottawa said.

The team surveyed 510 women for the study."As expected, women reported more physical motivations for casual sex and more emotional motivations for sex in a committed relationship," the authors wrote.

The findings showed that women are more likely to have casual sex because a man had 'beautiful eyes' and 'smelled nice' rather than doing it because they wanted to feel intimate.

They also found that committed women were far more likely to have sex with their partners for reasons such as 'show my affection', “communicate at a 'deeper' level", or strengthening "the natural next step in my relationship".

However, even in long-term courtships, 'it feels good' still held the top spot. The report was prepared by the University of Ottawa's human sexuality research laboratory.

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