Chatterjee, a noted lawyer, however, said, "If through judicial determination somebody is held guilty, he should be given an opportunity of preferring an appeal to obtain a stay".

"I also thank the media (in building up public opinion against the measure) and the Supreme Court views for creating such a situation," Chatterjee said.

Cabinet decides to withdraw Ordinance on convicted lawmakers

The Ordinance to protect convicted MPs and MLAs from facing immediate disqualification which was earlier passed by the Union Cabinet, in effect negating an order of the Supreme Court, was on Wednesday withdrawn by the government along with a related bill.

"If a sitting MP or MLA, once convicted by a magistrate and is disqualified automatically and loses his seat, then I cannot agree to it. One should be given the chance to file an appeal. Why is there the system of appellate courts then?" he asked, pointing out that judgements of a lower court are liable to be changed by a higher court.


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