Mumbai: Sonam Kapoor has revealed that she has two tattoos and a tongue piercing on Simi Selects India's Desirables. The fashionista who appears on the chat show this week states...

"I enjoy clothes; most of my friends are designers and they love dressing me up.
"I am very confident with my body type and who I am."

Men should really get a pedicure done. As there's no harm in it -- it isn't girly! But at least they would get their corns and inner growth removed."

Sonam chose not to speak about a certain Punit Malhotra in her life.

Earlier, in an interview to media she had revealed that like her character Bittu in Delhi 6, she too defied her parents and got a tattoo on her hip when she was pursuing her studies in Singapore. She said, “I tattooed my name Sonam in Chinese language. I do not believe in getting anyone else’s name tattooed on myself. My name means good luck and the tattoo had been lucky for me. Mom and Dad were fine with it later. I got it done after the release of Saawariya. Agencies