Mumbai (JPN/Bureau): Many old movies are now being either remade or released in coloured versions. The latest film on the block is Guru Dutt’s timeless classic, ‘Pyaasa’. It is believed that Aamir Khan is behind the reported remake of this movie. If that is the case, then a major question which pops up is who will be playing the role of the character Gulabo, originally played by Waheeda Rehman. 

The characterization of Gulabo by Waheeda was so deeply appreciated and the performance was so powerful that people, at one point in time, started addressing her as Gulabo! This makes it quite evident that it will not be an easy task for any actresses to portray the character with same zeal.

The trend also indicates that there is now a dearth of originality and good scripts in Bollywood. The film makers or script writers do realize this but none of them is willing to think out of the box. Directors are now making films in a hurry and in such a situation, if someone does comes out with a new innovative idea, then it becomes a huge risk for them to undertake. You never know whether the film will work or not, after all.

All the films which have been re-made till date have all been from amongst the popular lot. Film makers never pick up those films which didn’t go well with the audience when it was first released. So the directors get everything on a silver platter when they choose to remake old films. In such a scenario, if the directors pick up popular stars in their films, then it definitely assures them on recovery of money.

The character of Gulabo in ‘Pyaasa’ was such that it managed to anchor the entire film. Although the protagonist of the film was Guru Dutt, if you look at it from the role’s perspective, audience seemed to remember more of Gulabo than Vijay (Dutt’s character). Various shades of Gulabo’s character like her sensitivity, seriousness or cleverness created a special place in the heart of the audiences. With such intricacies involved in the character, it becomes quite obvious that it will be indeed difficult to find a heroine who will completely be able to fit herself into this character.

Film maker Ravi Chopra, while expressing his thoughts on selection of heroine for this role, said, “If the story is being re made today, some one or the other will have to play the role of Gulabo. It is quite possible that the film maker will pen down the role of the character keeping in mind that particular actress. But it will not be right to compare the caliber of acting in today’s heroines with Waheeda Rehman. It’s difficult to be like her.”

Speaking about the remake and the film, Waheeda said, “I still remember a whole lot of things associated with the movie. It is apparent that the new Pyaasa which will be released will be compared with the old one. I don’t think that the new version will be as good as the original one, although the atmosphere which was prevalent then has become quite different now. It is quite likely that the latest one might become a hit but the pedestal which the original version reached cannot be easily attained. “

Giving her viewpoint about who among the current actresses she considers competitive enough to play Gulabo, she said Sonam Kapoor, adding that she believes she has all the qualities possessed by Gulabo.    

Believing the grapevine, Aamir Khan is ready with all the ground work required for the movie. The pictures of Aamir and Katrina Kaif, in similar style like Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt in the film, can be seen on various websites. But what would be worth noticing is when Sonam in Gulabo’s role, Aamir in Vijay’s role and Katrina in Meena’s role will be seen on the big screen.