Without naming the Gujarat Chief Minister, Sonia said, "These days a lot is being said about Gujarat model of development, but the reality is something else. In Gujarat 40 percent people have no drinking water, 27,000 posts reserved for dalits and tribals are vacant.

"Every second child under five years is malnourished (in the state)," Sonia said, addressing a rally in support of Congress candidate and sitting MP from Mandsaur, Meenakshi Natrajan.
For power, BJP was spreading lies, Sonia said.

Attacking the government of BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh on the issue of Madhya Pradesh Professional Board Examination scam, she said the state government had promised a job to one person in every family, but what people got instead was a scam, where in ineligible persons got jobs at the behest of BJP and RSS.

Terming Madhya Pradesh as "ghotala pradesh" (scam state), Sonia said, "Crores of rupees tumbled out even from houses of low-level employees during raids. One can imagine the amount of money accumulated by corrupt officers and ministers in the state."


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