“We should get the Leader of Opposition post. If we don’t get, we will see,” Sonia said.

“We are the single largest party and we have a pre-poll alliance. Hence, we are entitled to get the post of Leader of Opposition in LS," she added.

Sonia's remarks on the issue came just a day after senior Congress leader Kamal Nath said that the party should approach the court if Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘influences’ Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on the issue.

Insisting that there is no rule, which says that a party cannot get LoP status unless it has 10 percent of the total strength of the 543-member Lok Sabha, the former parliamentary affairs minister said while a Speaker is generally neutral when it comes to dealing with the parliamentary processes, it may be different in a contentious situation.

He, however, said that the Congress won't retaliate or disrupt the parliamentary proceedings.

Earlier in Hyderabad, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said that everyone must abide by the presiding officer's decision.
"There was no Opposition Leader during Nehruji's regime. There was no Opposition Leader during Indira Gandhi's era. Opposition Leader was not there in Rajiv Gandhi's rule," Naidu said.
Throwing the ball in Speaker's court, Naidu said, "It is people's verdict and matter related to the Constitution. The Speaker's decision should be adhered to and let us see how the Speaker decides. There are some conventions, rules and regulations, precedents and directions of the Speaker. They are all there before us. Everybody has to go by that," he said.


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