New Delhi: Anna Hazare's magic has worked once again. Taking cognizance of the letter written by the social activist to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the latter has reportedly asked all party members to refrain from making any further comments on the Lokpal issue.

In the wake of salvos being fired by veteran Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh at the members of the joint committee formed for drafting Lokpal Bill, Hazare wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi on Monday.

As soon as this letter reached the Congress High Command, reaction in the Congress office was visible. No one was ready to comment even 'off the record' on Anna's letter.

Not only this, Digvijay Singh even cancelled a press conference which was scheduled for Tuesday and refused to give any reaction on Anna's letter.

According to sources, this avoidance is due to an order from the party High Command asking Singh, Sibal and other leaders to maintain a silence for the time being.     

The 'off the record' briefing by Kapil Sibal, who is also the government's representative in the joint committee, found mention in Anna’s letter asking Gandhi to put a check on the party members from making comments against the committee's members.      

Without mentioning the names of Singh and Sibal in the letter, Anna had boldly asked Gandhi, “Do the attacks on me have your nod?”